The Beautiful Human Brain

‘Humans possess the ability to think for their betterment and also to benefit from their surroundings.’

 We always think of a way to increase our living standard and get at ease, but this smartness hasn’t always led to the betterment or achieved the thought of goal. Sometimes the need to achieve the superior has led to the degradation of our overall society and the mindset and the dignity of us as humans.

We always believe that there is something to achieve and discover and something to make everything easier and simpler but what is this is it? This is all we were meant to have and achieve. When we first thought of the extraterrestial life the idea was out of the box and something new. That is because we as humans always believe that there is a superior someone. Yes, the odds of life on another planet are great and we want to go with it because it is easier to believe. What other reason did we make god for? We had to believe that there is someone superior than us in every way and this is also the exact reason why we have divided ourselves in different religions and also countries. Yes, we also did divide the world in countries because of all the geographical reasons but also because we had to prove that not everyone is equal. We have done this in the basic human genders, which also happens to be one of the biggest issues of the 21 century.

When you think of the future you think of the high-tech cars and the skyscrapers and the richness and the simplicity in everyday tasks but there is also another way to think of it as. Thinking of the future as a world where the people are united and one and everyone is equal, the resources are shared by everyone and not bought by the rich and the poor are left to starve. This is the sad and bitter truth of the current world and as for everything there are many ways of looking at one thing or different perceptions per say.


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