In the current world we as countries look for ways to get ahead in life and establish ourselves in it.For this we haven’t exactly sought the most humane way and unfortunately  this way is development.This is exactly the word which country wants to get after after its name because apparently the amount of millionaires and the factories and the destruction of nature and it’s resources describe our placement in the society that is one of the ways we can surpass other countries and this is a physical and capital way take for example India it in itself is a very progressive country but is it so in it’s people’s mental thoughts? Now, progressive doesn’t always ,mean that you have to wish for a girl child but it’s your intensions which count. What is the biggest problem right now? Now some people might say that the drying up of rivers or the constant threat of nuclear war is the problem. But again this is about the mental ones. And the problem is rape and in countries like INDIA it is also sexism and a very famous movement to promote and support it is ‘FEMINISM’. Many people call themselves ‘FEMINISTS’ without even knowing the actual intention and the meaning of it. A common idea of it is that you have  to suppress men and uplift women and raise them above men. This is what causes the actual intentions of the movement to fail. Just cause you’re a woman doesn’t mean that you have to be feminist too, and just cause you’re a man and want to be progressive doesn’t mean that you also have to chant out and tell everyone about being a feminist. Feminism is also about supporting women in everyday life and not only knowing about it this is a very big problem in INDIA because here it is believed in many religions that women were a mistake of god. Now if thats what is written in the holy books which many people believe is the moral code of life then when are we going to ever get out of this suffocating sexist society? I for one am a feminist and I don’t believe that  ‘comments’ should be ‘comwomants’ or any such bullshit. Feminism is a very big and vast and complex subject and when people whose basic idea of women is trash try to understand it, it goes really bad and because most of the people are too dumb that they can’t understand complex things the idea of feminism, it goes sideways. If you chant feminism in public and then go home and tell your sister to serve dinner while you sit like a buffoon then you truly have no idea about what feminism is all about.This is because many men consider themselves as superior to women and this idea is too deep-rooted in our society that it exists in every household.



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