You probably are reading this blog because you know the word’s hidden meaning and the harmful effects of it. What most of us don’t realise is that many problems or rather almost all the current problems are caused by it and it’s the root of all crime. In fact, it’s so serious that even though it’s such a big problem it cant be corrected with humane ways. So, how do you cure this? That is something I still have trouble in finding the answer to but one thing I can say that corruption is caused by this, robberies are caused by this, murder is caused by this, nations are toppled because of this, rapes are caused because of this.

Corruption because everyone dreams of having and giving their family a lavish life because the world has told an honest policewoman that you don’t deserve happiness because it has told him that you are nothing for this country. She has been told that you are worth nothing and she has not been given respect. Robberies because the world has said that it doesn’t matter if you’re satisfied with your life but you should just be rich and have big bucks, because it has told her that if you can’t afford Gucci or can’t roam in a Lamborghini then you are unsuccessful and your duty now is to respect the ones who are living the life you were supposed to live. She, frustrated tries new sources of obtaining money and thus, becomes a druggy or a thief.

Murder to bring other’s down even though they might be a social servant and has a lot of potential in her stream but just because she has money and fame because, the others are suddenly jealous of her and even though they might not have the potential to ever cope up with the amount of work and energy and passion she is contributing to this society wants it, they’ll go to any extent to snatch her of her money, fame, respect and destroy that perfect reputation she has been trying to maintain for years. This then becomes the way of life for them because this way, she can get recognised. This is the extent that we humans are ready to go to get attention.

Nations are toppled because one of the high ranked officer overtime sees that even tough she is constantly putting her life on the line, the one who is celebrated is the leader and not her, she gets so frustrated within herself that she finds that there isn’t any other option but to get to that position by eliminating all the other candidates up for this job and of course she isn’t able to handle the government because the president was THE PRESIDENT for some reason right?Because he had the ability to provide the people what they wanted. But of course the officer doesn’t realise this and instead of following his knowledge and experience, she follows the urge to become the new ruler and because she gets so madly driven in achieving this dream that she doesn’t care about being a traitor or  committing treason or murder.

Rapes are caused by it because men of their greed to have sexual pleasure that again he gets so driven to attain it that he doesn’t care about her feelings and her consent he just wants to get what he wants so badly that he ends up doing what he never wanted now, i’m bot trying to victimise him but what i’m trying to say that attaining moksh is also greed you say that you have moved on from greed but you are constantly trying to attain it because you have the ‘greed’ to attain it, but there is a big and huge difference between these two kinds of greed and it’s that the first kind is harmful because it affects other things too but when you’re trying to attain moksh it’s a totally difference one with a very positive energy and it’s not only about attaining moksh if you think about achieving something the greed is okay till you do it the right way which is until you don’t affect others around you.

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