Terrorism can be defined as a way of mainly using gun violence to attain certain religious or political wants and aims. The violence is mostly done against civilians so as to bring the government to its peoples aid and agree to the wishes.

The first thing that pops in your mind as soon as you hear the word Terrorism or Terrorist is the  9/11.

9/11 was one of the greatest acts of Terrorism there ever was and hopefully ever will be the attack had caused great damage to human life and property reportedly 2,996 people were killed (including the 19 hijackers) and more than 6,000 people were injured.it had a traumatising effect on people as well as the economy, it had inflicted damage of upwards 3.3 trillion dollars. The attack shook not only the nation but also the world it made us realise how vulnerable we were to being crumpled and destroyed. The attack proved and showed the true and frightening power of Terrorism and no one was ready to believe that there was an evil rising above from inside of our own people.

Another horrific act of terrorism was 26/11 where a 5 star hotel was made victim of this cruel and unmerciful force it again witnessed a great loss of life and property and reportedly 173 people were killed while more than 300 remained injured this attack was comparatively smaller but this didn’t come in way of it being prominent. These attacks have become constant reminder to the rest of us to control this before it swallows us whole. According to many studies and researches terrorists too believe what they’re doing is right and they’re actually serving the greater good because they’ve been brainwashed this way they’ve been told that everyone is against them and so they’ve been de-sensitised.

The frequency and the magnitude of these attacks will only become higher if we don’t take preventive measures against them. All the governments are working around the clock to find and destroy this Terrorist ring from the root but there isn’t just one ring there are so many that even if we destroy the biggest ones there’ll still be many to go.In fact, there are now so many Terrorist rings that if we aren’t able to stop them now, a nuclear war, overpopulation, alien invasion or some A.I tech won’t be the end of the world terrorists will. The longer we wait the more small and big groups are joining this war against humanity.

According to the most we know and is publicly accessible the Terrorists are so skilled that they can go days without eating, they can scale a 10 storey building and be back on the ground before you even realise.Terrorists are brainwashed into doing this they are told that they are doing this for the greater good and other religious reasons. they are brainwashed into thinking we are he bad guys and maybe we are but the government tells us that we aren’t and obviously we wan to believe the easy truth.

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