We humans have a tendency to always be curious. Whether it be about the universe or even our own lives.

From our childhood we are told that we have to achieve and be a part of something bigger than ourselves or even bigger than we could ever think about and that is a question we have that no-one has an answer to. We are Also  told to get things done rather than to procrastinate them.

We always look forward to having more whether it be wealth, fame or success and not how much success we have personally gained but compare it to what others have whereas, we often don’t see where they have come from and how privileged they have been and end up feeling bad about it even though you might be earning a six figure income and almost all the time we try to prove that we are both superior and inferior to the universe. Its this battle between our consciousness and our ego that misbalances us and causes us to lose that which we love but those who come out successful in controlling  them are rewarded with being their own masters.     

Our world from the very core works on money and principles, we are taught to earn money yet to be idealistic and not materialistic. The world in itself is contradictory and following it by the rules may not always be the best solution to everything for everyone we must learn to accept the fact that’s it is okay to be everything but keep it in control and not be controlled by it such as greed, passion, hatred.

Human beings because of their nature have always found a way in times of need but that history of ours had made us blind and reluctant to our effects on our environment and our lives.It has made us overconfident that we will get through this difficult time too but history repeats itself and when some of the most powerful people in the world like trump say that climate change is NOT real you start fearing if our future is safe it might be our time and this time we might even succeedingly prove interstellar wrong and just be a historic and powerful species in the books of those after us- 


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