With mental Heath day being around you might have read many articles saying that I’m here if you need someone to talk to but that is not always the case. Social media among many other things has made people fake their care for the society, like this girl in my chocolate shared various posts about depression but the next day was bullying a boy for having long hair. Nowadays even if one is a little sad they will call it depression but thwart they don’t reallise is that they are actually making. Depression seem like a small thing. Depression is a really vague topic and just randomly saying that you’re in depression makes you careless. Sometimes. It’s the people you lest expect to be in it are trapped in it and the way our society is built I can only see possible refugee for we of them, lie a married Hindu woman who is facing domestic violence leading her to depression cant use expect a divorce even though that is exactly what she needs, if she does take a divorce she will be shamed and insulted by her community and will be treated like an outcast. It is because of This society that one of every 5 person on this world is suffering through clinical depression and no, there is not enough awareness abut depression but the fact that many people fail to comprehend is that there is no “AGE” for depression it is like any physical disease which can happen to anyone, the difficulties be faces in life can never be and never should be compared to anyone else. And if you know a Person who is going through depression the least you can do for them is say that it will be okay, it gets better. It is not just depression that needs to be given full attention it is all of the mental illnesses. Even this blog is only going to be read by some of the educated people of the society not by the children or adults living in the slums where they can’t even afford eating 3 times a day so they cant even consider curing something which doesn’t even exist. Just making a few changes in your life and making yourself a better person can change so many lives, just being polite and kind can make them rethink about the suicide they were just about to commit. One of the main causes of depression is thinking that someone outside of yourself is responsible for your happiness.

You are not responsible for one one else’s happiness and no one is responsible for yours, all one can do is keep themselves happy eventually changing their vibes.

How to overcome depression?

1. Stop destructive avoidance patterns, these include drinking, smoking etc.

2. Start positive patterns, dance, work out, meditate just anything that gives you energy

3.If not for yourself try making the world a better place for others

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