real or virtual?

In today’s world, there are so many complications so much politics that even the people you think you already do or can trust can’t be trusted. everyone is after money and the one who isn’t is after these pleasures is after fame and success. what is success we must ask ourselves, we must ask ourselves what is it that drives us crazy in my almost perfect life I don’t have to worry about anything. everything is taken care of but still, see that I can’t cope with life I create unnecessary problems for myself. Seeing other people I realise how easy I have it and how messed up this world is and how the only way to turn it into a better one is no way. Many think that they might or something or someone else might fix their problems but the truth is you can’t fix what isn’t meant to fixed. People think that hard part always seems to last forever, it is because life is the hard part, life is easy until you are being given everything to join this world of mortals with no actual purpose who don’t even know where they are nor what they want. We think that what we want most in the world matters whereas it doesn’t matter one bit this is a materialistic world and everything from birth parents to life itself is made-up no-one else knows who we are and what purpose we have I believe we all have only one purpose which is to work hard for those above us in a subordinate manner cause if we act too dumb or too smart, we get eliminated from this race called life and history has shown it multiple times. No one knows how they got dragged into this mess termed life or how they will escape it, while some are trapped acquiring materialistic thing and others care about only the monetary value of a substance. The enlightened as they say have found out the true purpose of life and the true purpose of life can only be found by those in some other world than the lot of us. we think nothing feels better than treating us with monetary possessions. Some say our purpose is to find our soulmate while others say it is to serve something greater than us. Why did we create the almighty and who is it? we creates it because we think that we are nothing but slaves waiting to be ordered by our master, bound by the shackles of service and responsibility whereas there should be no shackles which can hold us, no one to tell us what we are worth because we aren’t something whose value has monetary or made-up value, we weigh above god, every action of ours has a reaction because of that one guiding power and force which keeps us on our toes. What really is hell and what really is heaven, it too is made up, fictional in the real world the layers of deception run not only in organic creatures such as ourselves but also what we consider to be real.we as a human race have made it further than any of our ancestors would have guessed but that is in the virtual the unreal world we again must learn what is real and what isn’t. Our bodies or even our souls are participants in the fake, the imagined world turning them imaginative too. Caring bout your job because the truth is no matter how much we progress we will never trust me, never understand our purpose. Life is unfair and so are we who are we to decide what is right or wrong, when we can’t even decide if we are real or not. The materialistic expensive things are like dog’s treat telling us our direction and telling us not to think much and do as we are indirectly told by the one the almighty. the life if you think of it could be a sand particle in someone else’s world or be everything in our world. It all depends on ones perception.every person living in this universe and possibly several other has made up his version of what is success what is progress and what isn’t, the Big Bang it could be real or it simply could be put in our heads to ease us of our existence, the thing which we most dread could be a way out, a way to the actual world. We could be living in a dream world not knowing the person who has created us. Nothing is real and nothing is fake somethings are real while being fake and virtual while others the opposite. The latest invention being made in science, who gets the idea, who controls the person who does, it’s his brain and who controls that? it’s their conscience what we still haven’t figured out is how to get ourselves out of the cycle of existence or extinction, we have learnt about various mass extinctions in the history and choosing not to learn and gain hindsight from it is probably our worst mistake ever probably because it the last mistake we will ever make. We are afraid of so many unknown things in life itself that we forget about the other equally important half of our existence the afterlife, in our alert life we have so much to discover, to explore, to question that we have forgotten to try and find answers to the result of it all. afterlife is one thing we do not know about at all if we were real the soul if not body would go somewhere wouldn’t it, the conscience cannot die by virtual factors when it is real. We have moved away from actual progress, ignored the ruled, the guidelines laid down by our ancestors and have completely gone against it we think we progress while what we do is gain knowledge about the fake world we have yet to distinguish between real and virtual worlds. I don’t even know if the thoughts going through my mind are virtual or real the concept of virtual and real itself Is made-up because everything is made by us, we can turn anything into anything, we can turn Gold into salt and salt into gold but only with the correct and right knowledge but the question arises again what is right and what is wrong what is correct and what it isn’t is being correct being right or are the two terms different. Life goes on and there is nothing we as mortals can do except live life as it goes facing its tests and hoping to pass in each and every one of them.what we feel as freedom even when it seems to be true isn’t because since we do not know what we are implies we are someone or something else, what we feel what we don’t isn’t ours to decide the only way to freedom is no way at all even if we break the cycle or nirvana we still aren’t free even after and if we meet our maker we arent free even the maker isn’t free we are all a bunch of puppets controlled by someone else.

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