Money solves everything?

If you ever think more money is going to solve all your problems, let me tell you one thing, it doesn’t, it handles the financial side of things but your heart still breaks, you still feel pain, you might gain attitude. But the one thing i have learnt is never treat people earning less than you differently they are also people who are working their ass off and you money doesn’t give you a permit to be disrespectful towards anyone. I mean buying even pizza is so fucking tough, we teenagers dont realise it because we have not had to earn yet but i have earned with and without others and i consider myself to know a lot of stuff. I have worn rs500 shirts and been happy as fuck and have worn 1l jackets and still have had some of the worst days of my life, i have sat in 3L cars n been content and I have been in cars worth crores and felt like i have nothing, i have seen everything been through everything and I guess that is the benefit of being in a business family. I’m telling you guys because i wanna share what i know so that you guys can spend more time enjoying what you have. To be honest i have a broken heart which doesnt seem to be able to be fixed because it has been broken so many times i dont expect it to be fixed. But i hate and love where i am now i can love people but can’t date them becaus either i like her so much i can’t think of cheating her, because i mean this shit money doesnt matter, your car doesn’t matter, your clothes dont matter, your business doesn’t matter all that matters is what you respect and what you believe in. For me that is myself I trust myself so much that I know I can get through anything because i know everything i need to and i know that one day ill be sitting in my lambo and laughing about the things i wished i had, i believe one day i’ll have everything and wondering how I had nothing! I have lost belief from love. i don’t beleive love is real anymore because what i consider to be real is everythin I can feel and I can’t feel love or myself anymore.

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